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Name:Cathy and Jay
Loacation: Neptune, NJ
Wedding Date:May 10th, 2008
Your Next Big Challenge as a Couple: paying our debt so we can start a family.

     I saw a user below use this and I thought it was a great way to start off. My name is Cathy. I am new to this community and to LJ. My husband and I were married on May 10th. We decided to have a destination wedding. We were married on the beautiful Paradise Island, Bahamas!
     There are some downfalls to a destination wedding, the biggest being that barely any of our family/friends could attend. But the pros definately outweigh the cons. The beach is like a dream come true! The ocean is so blue, and the sand is so soft and just amazing. Words and pictures do not justify the beauty! And the weather was just perfect. It was probably about 85 degrees, no humidity! And it rained for about 15 minutes the while week I was there!
     For me, it was also nice not having to plan so much. I see so many woman go almost crazy planning these beautiful huge perfect weddings! A part of me would love to have that...but I don't think I could handle all the stress and aggrivation that comes along with it. I definately give them all credit!
     Another thing I absolutely loved was the service! Being catered to is ALWAYS  a plus. The people there were so nice! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever you wanted. The food was delicious! And of course, all of the spas were nice as well. 
     We ended up having a small celebration here in the states for all the family that couldn't make it to the Bahamas. I am so happy that we chose a destination, and I recommend it to all of my friends who are planning there weddings. I don't have pictures right this minute to post, but I probably will post some up very shortly!
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