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Wedding photo albums

There's some really fun things out there if you're doing your own albums ...

John Lewis do a blue 300 7x5 slip in album for £18 including delivery. It's only available in blue but is the only 7x5 album I've found out there that takes 300 photos. Great when your photographer has taken 270 photos and is giving you a set of all of them!

There's a lot of 300 6x4 albums out there but I like 7x5 photos as it's easier to see the detail.

Black Cat Bindery http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BlackCatBindery do some of the most beautiful albums (need photo corners or sticky dots), in various colours of real suede, including PURPLE!!! 12x9ins portrait album £39 plus £7 postage.

I have found photobox http://www.photobox.co.uk to be good for reprints if you've bought the CD off your photographer. They can also do prints with borders, and other fancy stuff like collage prints. 7x5 prints from £0.15 each, 10x8 prints from £0.99 each.

Photobox also have a great "design your own photobook" feature - upload your photos and drag and drop into layouts - I've not done a wedding one yet but I have done a couple of others (A4 classic white) and they came out really nicely. They only do square or landscape style albums - no portrait ones.

The cutest thing that photobox do is their "minibook" which is 7cm x 9cm and takes 31 photos. It's softcover, £4.99, about 5mm thick and fits easily in any bag so you always have something to show to people who ask "how was the wedding?"! http://www.photobox.co.uk/shop/photo-books/minibook

Thought these might be of interest.
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