Crazy Cat Lady (kittyinblack) wrote in 2008_newlyweds,
Crazy Cat Lady

A few thoughts about married life

Since our wedding in August, it seems like everyone is asking me "how is married life?" I usually give a vague answer and go on my merry little way. I always seem to get the impression people are asking me this to start a conversation or to be polite so I never really gave that question much thought.

After time goes by, I actually did put some thought into that question and I finally have an answer I can give people. A much shorter version than what I am going to post about, mind you.

Some people tell me that nothing changes after you are married and although that holds true to some, its not like that with us.

First of all, his relationship with his family is strained. I think it was strained before but not to this degree. Its really sad because I guess I was under the illusion that weddings were supposed to bring families together. Long story short, my MIL said and did some very hurtful things the week before and the day before our wedding.

On the other hand, it brought me closer to my family. Im no longer looked down as the baby sister! Im the youngest in my family!

We also learned real early on that its not just about us anymore; meaning DH doesnt just take care of DH but must think ofDW too and vice versa. It was always like this before but it is more pronounced now that we tied the knot.

The most important thing, we seem to love each other that much more because we signed that piece of paper. I never believed in two becomes one or all that soul mate mushy crap but something weird happened when we had our marriage blessings.

I will always look back at the words spoken during our ceremony (even if they were from the lips of the monster in law who officiated the ceremony, BIG mistake but at least she did the ceremony as we wrote it) about us receiving the blessings from the elements and in some weird way, I see it happening. We had a a pagan ceremony BTW!

I hope one day, we can re-vew our vows somewhere out in nature like we did last summer and have those same blessings spoken to us infront of our children.

To sum things up, whenever I am asked 'hows married life?' I can finally answer : "Its great knowing I got my other half with me for the rest of my life"
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