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New to the group, married in october, from NJ :o)

Name: Rebecca, but please call me Beckie :o)
Location:  Central NJ
Wedding Date: 10/25/08
Your Next Big Challenge as a Couple:  finding a house to buy and we're officially trying for a baby :o) no more BC! 

Here are some pics from the big day :o)
him as I'm about to be "given away to him" heh
shot of the whole party and chapel
it rained :oP

and us the morning after hehe:

Happy to be here and to have found thsi community! :o) 
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I love your pics, the rain one is actually one of my faves! Welcome!
thanks! :o) unfortunately we didn't get any group ones outside cause of the rain but no biggie :o) got some cute ones like that at lesat hehe!
Your wedding looks like it was gorgeous.

AND I wish that I was able to try for kids now! I have to get through college first, though. Congrats, though!
Thank you! :o)

If i was still in college we'd be the same way :o) I graduated in '04 though heh and by the time a baby comes along I'll be 27 possibly closer to 28 depending when I get pregnant :o) and he's going to be 29 in April, so we're ready! we will see wht happens though! Good luck with school! and when time comes for you guys to try, good luck :o)
Wow! ou're wedding looked absolutely gorgeous!!!! And I agree with one of the comments above mine, the rain picture is one of my faves=)

I'm from Central Jersey too..
Aww heh thanks!!

Where in NJ? We're currently in Edison but looking to buy... somewhere between Edison and Marlboro/Englishtown because I work in Edison and my mom is there and he works in Marlboro/ Englishtown
I grew up in Belford, which is in Middletown. My husband and I moved a little further south about 2 and a half years ago. We now live in Tinton falls/Neptune. I love it down here, BUT i drive up to Jersey City everyday! The commute kills me. We are not looking to buy a house just yet. But once our lease is up here, we are definately moving back up North a little. Probably between Middletown, Hazlet, and Keyport areas.