Vicki (pagankittykat) wrote in 2008_newlyweds,

First Anniversary Gift

It seems like just yesterday I was planning our wedding, and our first anniversary is already coming up so quickly! Andrew and I are planning a weekend trip to the Napa Valley for our anniversary and that'll be great. However, the husband just surprised me by saying he wants to exchange gifts that are based on the theme of the first anniversary. WTH? LOL. So, that means either the traditional theme of paper or the modern theme of clocks/time. Hrm. I need help! I'm usually really good at getting gifts for Andrew, but this whole "theme" thing is a wrench in my plans. My first thought was a really nice watch, but Andrew hates wearing them.

Do you guys have any good ideas for a first anniversary gift based on the themes above? Also, are there any other cultural "first anniversary" theme ideas I might base a gift on?

Any help is appreciated! I have 2 months to figure it out, so at least I'm not rushed for time. :-)

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