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Thanks for the 'next step' community, was looking for something just like this
Name: Barb & Bob
Location: Wisconsin
Wedding Date: October 18, 2008
Your Next Big Challenge as a Couple:  selling home #2, paying off home #1.  the economy isn't helping :)
This was a photo my dad took, more to come from actual photographer.  I guess I'm really in the newlywed phase and really still want to celebrate my new marriage.  We have both been married before and hated the idea of marriage when we met 4 years ago.  And now look at us.  So, we are really in the 'newlywed' phase, as we've never had it so good before, and plan to celebrate for a very long time.  Hope I'm in the right community. 
  Congrats and welcome to marriage!
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Congrats and welcome!